Hambly, Alfred Guy

Hambly, Richard
Hambly, John
Unknown, Mary
Hambly, William
Morley, Jane
Hambly, Richard
Davey, Jane Ann
Hambly, Alfred Guy
Govett, John James
Govett, Henry Albert
Cargill, Maria
Govett, Alice E
Butler, Richard
Butler, Caroline
Unknown, Sarah


Father: Hambly, Richard
Mother: Govett, Alice E


   Date: 5 Nov 1894

Occupation night bus maintainance


Relation to Hall, Ethel G
   Jun 1920 Marriage; Place: West Ham

Children of Hambly, Alfred Guy and Hall, Ethel G
   Hambly, Allan Sidney (Sep 1925)
   Hambly, Derek (15 Jul 1933)

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