Bailey, Alfred

Bailey, John
Bailey, William
Cockling, Mary
Bailey, William Walter
Oddy, William
Oddy, John
Marrable, James
Marrable, Maria
Unknown, Amelia
Oddy, Hannah Maria
Lommax, Mary Ann
Bailey, Alfred
Marett, Jean
Marett, Jean
Gruchy, Sara
Marett, George
Baudains, Elizabeth
Marett, Philip (George)
Le Quesne, Richard
Le Quesne, Richard
Marett, Marguerite
Le Quesne, Marguerite (Margaret)
Coutance, Marie
Marett, Alice Maud
Rawlings, John
Rawlings, Richard
Unknown, Elizabeth
Rawlings, John
Russell, Richard
Russell, Harriot Sophia
Coleman, Susannah
Rawlings, Lucy Ann
Bray, John
Bray, Eliza Preston
Preston, Ann


Father: Bailey, William Walter
Mother: Marett, Alice Maud


   Date: 1906

   Date: 11 Aug 1906
   Place: Westham

   Date: 27 May 1967
   Place: East Dereham

Occupation lab asst - bus conductor


Relation to Allen, Barbara Evelyn Dorothy
   3 Feb 1937 Marriage; 

Children of Bailey, Alfred and Allen, Barbara Evelyn Dorothy
   Bailey, Patricia Evelyn (3 Mar 1938)

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