Brown, Carol Jane

Brown, Henry
Brown, George Henry
Sanderson, Harriett
Brown, Norman
Cannings, Thomas
Cannings, Alfred
Dew, Mary
Cannings, Ellen
Stowe, John
Stowe, Emma
Green, Ann
Brown, Phillip
Edwards, George
Edwards, Edith
Bird, Edith
Brown, Carol Jane
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Eva Pearl
Walker, Ethel


Father: Brown, Phillip
Mother: Wilson, Eva Pearl


   Date: 26 Oct 1971
   Place: Bristol

Occupation GP


Relation to Heselton, Oliver
   9 Jun 2001 Marriage; Place: Barnoldswick

Children of Heselton, Oliver and Brown, Carol Jane
   Heselton, Rebecca (5 Nov 2003)

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