Bailey, Patricia Evelyn

Bailey, John
Bailey, William
Cockling, Mary
Bailey, William Walter
Oddy, William
Oddy, John
Marrable, Maria
Oddy, Hannah Maria
Lommax, Mary Ann
Bailey, Alfred
Marett, Jean
Marett, George
Baudains, Elizabeth
Marett, Philip (George)
Le Quesne, Richard
Le Quesne, Marguerite (Margaret)
Coutance, Marie
Marett, Alice Maud
Rawlings, Richard
Rawlings, John
Russell, Harriot Sophia
Rawlings, Lucy Ann
Bray, John
Bray, Eliza Preston
Preston, Ann
Bailey, Patricia Evelyn
Allen, Joseph
Allen, Charles Henry
Arther, Margret
Allen, Ernest Henry
Purdue, Matthew
Purdue, Lucy Emily
Hartwell, Lucy
Allen, Sidney Walter
Gibbens, John Thomas
Gibbens, John
Unknown, Mary
Gibbens, Emily
Belcher, James
Belcher, Susan Elizabeth
Beisley, Mary
Allen, Barbara Evelyn Dorothy
Hart, Henry Alfred
Hart, Henry
Leagoe, Charles
Leagoe, Mary Ann
Wootton, Mary Elizabeth
Hart, Hilda Millicent
Ayers, George
Ayers, George
Everest, Rebecca
Ayers, Jessie Mary A
Walters, John
Walters, Caroline Elizabeth
Seager, Ann


Father: Bailey, Alfred
Mother: Allen, Barbara Evelyn Dorothy


   Date: 3 Mar 1938

   Date: 3 Apr 1938
   Place: St Peter And St Paul Goodmayes



Relation to Stowe, David Gerald
   15 Dec 1990 Marriage; 

Relation to Hambly, Derek
   29 Mar 1958 Marriage; 

Children of Hambly, Derek and Bailey, Patricia Evelyn
   Hambly, Glenn Alan (12 Feb 1969)
   Hambly, Simon John (21 Jul 1971)

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